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Dr. Cori graduated with her Doctorate from Parker College of Chiropractic in Dallas, Texas and holds a Master’s Degree in Nutrition.
Her passion for chiropractic and nutrition began many years ago when she was battling several health issues of her own and was introduced to chiropractic and experienced a dramatic change in her overall health.
At this point she started to understand that Chiropractic is a way of life and allows you to heal from the inside out.  Dr. Bodily’s goal is to provide quality health care and educate her patients in order to assist them in reaching their highest health potential.


Dr. Bodily has an Advanced Certificate and uses Activator, ABC (Advanced Bio-Structrual Correction), thompson, and diversified adjusting techniques.  She also utilizes cranial adjusting, animal adjusting, B.E.S.T. (emotional release), NRT (Nutritional Response Testing), and specializes in women’s health.



Dr. Keena is a graduate of Cleveland Chiropractic College, Los Angeles. She graduated with her Doctorate in Chiropractic and her Bachelors of Science in Human Biology.  Dr. Keena received numerous scholarships due to her academic achievements and frequented the Dean's list. She is a native of the Pacific Northwest and after a decade in Southern California, has decided to return and continue to share her knowledge of Chiropractic.


She is continuously looking for ways to continue her education and treat her patients with state of the art techniques.  She specializes in techniques such as; diversified, thompson, activator, extremity adjusting, along with Kinesio taping, and Advanced Bio-Structural Correction Technique. She is dedicated to helping her patients live a life of wellness by being compassionate and efficient in her hands on approach.  She also finds joy in awakening potential and awareness within her patients. Dr. Keena’s personable approach makes her the perfect family Chiropractor.



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