Polarity Therapy

Polarity Therapy is a unique form of holistic bodywork that addresses the whole body and the whole person. It was developed by Dr. Randolph Stone, (1889-1981), an Osteopathic physician and Chiropractor with a passion for natural healing. Unlike massage or physical therapy, whose purpose is relaxation or re-educating the body to align with gravity; the purpose of Polarity Therapy is personal transformation. It’s realigning the mind/body/spirit/emotion to be in harmony. This somatic therapy enables you to look at what you’re carrying in your body as a blueprint for your life. It’s stated, in Polarity Therapy, that your body is a reflection of your thoughts, your beliefs, your emotions and your experiences. With Polarity Therapy you can open up the obstructions, blockages, release the pain, the difficulties, and the distortions in the body.

Polarity Therapy is a chance for you to start to say: “How is this a reflection of what’s happening in my life?” “How can I bring resolution and freedom to my body, in order to bring resolution and freedom to my life?”

In addition to working with the body, the Practitioner supports you with verbal communication and reflective listening. You are guided into greater awareness, and have space to re-negotiate what you’re holding onto and what you can let go. Additional resources for nutrition, exercises and lifestyle deepen the process of transformation if you choose to take advantage of them. Polarity Therapy is truly a holistic practice. It can work for anyone, in any state of health. It meets you where you are at and inspires positive changes that are right for you.

We will be going more in depth on Polarity Therapy, with demonstrations of Polarity exercises and what a session looks like at the free seminar on May 25th. Space is limited... call 253-970-5077 to reserve your seat or click here to reserve on-line.

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