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Maria Hunter 



Maria graduated with her Nutritional Therapy Certification in 2014 from the Nutritional Therapy Association in Olympia, Washington.  She has also worked closely with Dr. Cori training in Nutritional Response testing.


Maria has been on her own journey to health. As a child, she suffered from chronic fatigue, mood swings, achy joints, eczemia, digestion issues, frequent heachaces, and insomnia. After years of doctors and different drugs, her mother found a chiropractor who used Nutritional Response testing. He was able to find specific foods that were causing the symptoms she was suffering from and recommended a nutritional protocol to help start the healing process. Since then Maria has been on the road to recovery. "It has been a dream of mine to share my story with others who suffer, so that they may experience true physical health."- Maria Hunter, NTP



Graduated in 2004 from Brighan Young University Hawaii with a Bachelor of Science in Sport and Exercise Science. Collette has been involved in the Sport and Exercise Industry for 20+ years as an exercise Physiologist and National Certified Personal Trainer. In 2014 she become a BioMechanic Corrective Exercise Specialist, this comprehensive method is a cutting edge approach to chronic pain, relief and performance enhancement through structural alignment, sequential corrective exercise, and self help muscular releases. In 2018 Collette expanded her corrective exercise training with a certification specializing in Postpartum Recovery, emphasis on Pelvic Floor Dysfunction and Diastasis Recti, separation of the abdominal wall. This type of specialized training can help those who suffer from PFD, Diastasis, Postural Imbalances, Diaphragm weakness, SI joint pain, and low back pain.


"I love helping my patients find solutions for their chronic pain, while improving function, this helps them regain or continue an active lifestyle. I like focusing on complete recovery, no more bandaids!"

Bruce Varadi, LMP



Bruce's 33 years career in masonry construction came to an end with a debilitating workplace injury. The usual medical remedies provided no relief from crippling and unrelenting pain. On the recommendation of a friend, Bruce tried therapeutic massage and experienced relief from the very first treatment. As he progressed through his recovery, he realized his only path forward was a new career in massage therapy.


Since 2007, Bruce has been utilizing gentle neuromuscular techniques like Trigger Point Therapy, Structural Relief Therapy, and Manual Ligament Therapy to help patients achieve greater mobility and freedom from pain.



Brittany Kirk, LMP

Brittany has traveled the world and loves cultural diversity. She was trained by the Cortiva Institute in Federal Way Washington. Which is also her hometown. Brittany strives to transform daily life with massage. Brittany specializes in medical release, myofascial release, trigger point therapy, deep tissue, cupping, chakra re-balancing, use of doterra essential oils, chair massage, pre and post-natal.

Annie Ochoa, LMP

Annie K. Ochoa has been practicing Massage Therapy for 25 years. Among treatments she can provide for you are Craniosacral Therapy, Polarity Therapy, Reiki, Chakra work, Cupping, Tuning Forks, and Intuitive Touch for Health. Additionally, she is knowledgeable in the mechanisms of injury whether from sports, repetitive use, and/or medical conditions. Annie believes in providing individualized care by customizing techniques, pressures, and client education according to the changing needs of each person. She loves working with Pearl's amazing team of professionals to help you feel better. After work, Annie enjoys spending time with her amazing and wonderful husband and two sons. Additionally, she is a certified flower remedy practitioner and prefers working with Australian bush flowers where she can customize blends for family and friends. She is preparing to open a flower remedy school where she can certify other in doing flower remedies as well!

Lori Moralez 


Lori has spent her life working with others in a healing capacity. She has worked as a CNA, PT Aide, surgical technologist, Shiatsu practitioner and massage therapist which allows for a very well rounded, detailed therapy session. Some of Lori's specialties include neck, shoulder, hip and knee injuries as well as prenatal massage. Lori loves to help others in maintaining movement to ensure the best possible life

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